Post Weight Watchers Weight Gain: What do I do? with Brooke + Alyssa Miller: FVY155

You asked, we answered! This week I team up with Brooke Miller and Alyssa Miller from the Diet Riot Podcast, two amazing dieticians, to answer YOUR questions. Thank you for everyone who asked a question- this is your show and your input matters!


We answer:

  • After many years of Weight Watchers, I’ve left, I’ve gained weight, and I’m panicking. What do I do next to get control again?
  • What’s best- fresh, frozen or canned veggies?
  • I’ve lost weight by dieting, but the scale has stopped. How can I kick start things again? And- how do I know when I need to stop losing weight and start focusing on maintenance?
  • How do I combine intuitive eating when I have to follow a specific food regimen for a chronic health condition?

Join us for some good info, and a bit of fun along the way.

Brooke Miller is an intuitive eating registered dietitian. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and welcomed their first baby boy into the world in February. Their son Ashton Thomas rocks his extra chromosome and has Down syndrome. He is so happy and sweet. They also have a dog Leonidas who is a high energy boxer. Brooke and her family love to travel, hike and snowboard.

Alyssa Miller is a registered dietitian specializing in family nutrition. She is passionate about helping moms recover, rediscover and redeem their relationship with food so that they can help protect and preserve their children’s innate ability to eat intuitively. She works with moms from pregnancy through postpartum and children from infancy through pre-school. Alyssa gently guides and supports families in their journey to being confident and body-lead eaters. She has the support of her amazing husband of 8 years, Josh and their two kids. When Alyssa isn’t rioting against diet culture, teaching moms how to have food freedom or helping families introduce foods to their picky eaters she is hanging with her family, enjoying all Colorado has to offer.

Together, Brooke + Alyssa host the weekly Diet Riot Podcast- where they revolt against diet culture and promote a positive relationship with food through intuitive eating. Each week they talk candidly about their experiences, philosophies, and give some tangible advice to help you navigate the world of nutrition, health and wellness.

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