Put Your Fitness to the Test.

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes!
I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a fantastic week!
Fitness testing.  Everyone’s favourite.  Just like taking measurements, assessing your fitness level is an important part of staying on track, and keeping motivated to continue your exercising regime.
In Personal Training programs and Boot Camps, both fitness tests and measurements are part of the regular routine.  We assess and then reassess every 4-8 weeks to show progress.
Fitness testing doesn’t have to be complicated.  There is no reason to figure out exactly what your VO2 Max is.  Also, there is no need to compare your score to the norms.  I don’t care whether your fitness level is ‘below average, average, or excellent’.  You shouldn’t care either.  What you should care about is what direction your fitness level is heading.
A good fitness test is easy to measure, and easy to replicate.  Fitness testing could be as simple as a timed run, or counting how many push-ups you can do in 60 seconds.
Here is one fitness test we use in Boot Camp.  Do 4 rounds, with 2 minutes rest in between and take your best score.
Time: 5 minutes
Equipment: Exercise mat
Get down on the mat (all the way down) and stand back up once.
Jump over your mat (side to side) two times. Over and back counts as one time.
Do three burpees.
Do 4 squat jumps.
Do 5 push-ups.
Stand up.
Repeat as many time as you can in 5 minutes.
How many rounds can you do?

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