Raising Body Confident Kids with Dana Suchow: FVY153

“My mother was always either on a diet, off a diet, or complaining about her body. And now I struggle with my body”.
“My battle with my weight and body image started when I was 8 years- and my parents thought I needed to lose weight”.
Our struggle with eating, body image, and finding our natural, happy weight often starts early… very early. And now as adults, we don’t want the same to happen to the kids in our lives- our own children, grandchildren, students, relatives. We know the pain of spending so much time, energy and thought space fighting against ourselves.
How do we raise body confident, healthy kids?
On this week’s podcast, I am thrilled to welcome Dana Suchow to answer that very question.
Since overcoming Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and exercise compulsion, Dana Suchow has become an expert in the field of body image and eating disorder prevention. Offering a nonclinical and holistic approach, Dana gives parents, teachers and caregivers the tools to prevent eating disorders and raise body confident kids!
In 2012 Dana founded DoTheHotpants.com as a fashion blog, but once she realized fashion’s unattainable beauty standards were fueling her eating disorder, Dana made the powerful decision to leave the industry and focus on eating disorder prevention and activism. In 2014 Dana founded #MyBodyStory, an ongoing storytelling series created to uplift girl’s and women’s voices that so often go unheard.

On Today’s Episode

  • How to speak about food and exercise so that your child focuses on health, not weight loss
  • How to help and encourage kids who are overweight
  • The real reason, as a parent, you might feel pressure to help your child lose weight
  • Approaching body confidence with girls and boys
Connect with Dana online: IGFB, and Website
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