Rob and Orla Nicklom

The end of August marks our three-month anniversary with Ascend Fitness, and what a terrific three months it has been!  We finally took the advice of our friend, Brian Wierks, and on the heels of a visit by Tanja to our Rotary Club, we decided to take the initiative and “get fit”.  (As Brian said when he saw us at the gym “ finally ran out of excuses, eh?”)
From the initial consult with Tanja, to the nutritional consult with Sharon Fast, and especially our sessions with our trainer, Gordon Penner, the folks at Ascend have been friendly, respectful and professional. Neither of us are “gym people”, so embarking on this journey was bit awkward; we were quite self-conscious and a bit embarrassed (particularly after our initial fitness evaluation).
But three months later, we’re still really enjoying the experience, and are convinced that we have found something that will become a permanent and significant part of our lives.
The training sessions are varied, interesting, challenging, obviously thoughtfully prepared to meet our fitness objectives, and kinda fun.   And the “accountability” aspect ensures that we exercise some discipline.  Left to workout on our own, I know the results would not be anywhere near as good.
Gord is a pleasure to work with.  We’re not kids, and we’re not looking to run marathons.  But he seems genuinely interested in helping us meet our goals of overall improved fitness, and is very attentive to ensure that we stay pain and injury free, while working hard at the same time. He even took the time and effort to draw up a work-out plan that we followed every day on a recent trip to Las Vegas.
Orla’s blood pressure has improved significantly, which was her main objective.  Rob has lost about 24 lbs and lowered his blood pressure significantly.  Being diabetic, management of that was his most important objective.  Right from the first month on, he has seen a dramatic decrease in his blood sugar levels. Rob’s A1C test results have gone from 7.9 in April (prior to joining Ascend) to 7.2 in June and in September after just three and a half months of training down to 6.5. This is the lowest his numbers have been since testing began four and half years ago. Full credit to Gord and Ascend!! We both sleep better and have more energy, and Rob’s snoring has “almost” disappeared.  And while we are both pretty conscious of a healthy diet, neither of us want to feel starved or deprived in the process.
We’re normally very reluctant to refer people to someone without being absolutely confident in the quality of the service.  But we have referred people to Ascend Fitness, on an absolutely unqualified basis, and are pleased to hear that the feedback is positive.  Many of our friends are now members and all are very pleased with their decision to join.
To someone sitting on the fence about joining Ascend Fitness, we’d say, much like Brian said to us, “stop making excuses to yourself”, check your self-consciousness at the door, and just do it.  You absolutely will not regret it.  Pay attention to the nutritional aspects of the training as much as to the physical aspects if you want to get the desired results.  But you will get the desired results, if you work at it and are honest with yourself.

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