Run Away From Fat.

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes,
It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through November.  Seriously… where does the time go?  It doesn’t seem like long ago we were splashing in Cultus Lake or enjoying the sunshine at 5:30am Boot Camps.
If you were outside early this morning, you’ll know that we are deep into Fall- and Winter is around the corner.  Now is the time to switch from BBQ dinners to crock pot soups and chilli.  It’s time to bundle up… and but still get outside.
Brisk walking or running is a great way to keep in shape, maintain your weight, or shed a few more pounds in the fall or winter.  Get more out of your workout with this tough interval workout.  My preference, as always, is to do it outdoors.  If you prefer, however, a treadmill is an acceptable substitute.
Run Away From Fat Workout
Warm up:
5 minutes warm up (RPE 4)
3 minutes as:
1 minute ‘picking up the pace’ (RPE 6)
1 minute ‘going a little faster’ (RPE 7)
1 minute ‘can no longer talk… sorry’ (RPE 8)
1 minute recovery
Repeat 4 X (total 16 minute workout).
Warm down:
5 minutes light running or walking, stretching.
Beginners: Take 2 minutes recovery and repeat 3 X.
Work it!

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