Sam Bolton Is a certified personal trainer under the National Strength and Conditioning Association and began his journey to motivate and educate others with Ascend Fitness in March 2023.

“Since I was a young teenager, I was deeply motivated to improve my physique and become stronger, and I did just that through P90X and some dumbbells I had at home. It wasn’t until I was 15 when I got my first gym membership and found my true passion that I’ve held onto to this day. 10 years of experience in the gym has provided me with a wealth of knowledge to share with the community, and I’m just getting started.]

Although I’ve always been passionate about helping others with their fitness goals, I decided after high school to learn a trade and have since completed my Red Seal Certification in Carpentry. It wasn’t long after I began working in the trades, I knew it wasn’t for me, however I stuck with it and completed what I set out to do.

Today I’m finally working in a field that I’m extremely passionate about, and with a community of such great people, I’m very pleased to be where I am.”