Shari Dick

I joined Ascend Fitness in the fall 2012 after getting a jump-start on my health journey in the summer of that year.  I am mom of two kids, a 5 and 7 years old, and as a busy mom I have been challenged with how to balance my world around me.  Like most mom’s, my family comes first and I usually come last on the agenda.  I have battled weight issues for a very long time and I came to a point last summer that something had to be done.
I knew that my health was really struggling and that it was finally time to get serious about my weight struggles and get my health back on track.  I think having my youngest going into Kindergarten was helpful mentally for me, knowing that I would have a few more moments to breath and have more time in my day to commit to fitness.  I was exhausted mentally and emotionally, and I believe I was battling a mild depression.  I knew that me not being healthy was contributing to my poor emotional well-being.
I began my journey in the summer by going for a 30 minute bike ride every night I could, after putting my kids to bed and before the sun went down.  I joined a “Health Challenge” which really helped me to remain focused by keeping track of my eating and water intake, and recording my fitness daily.
Having lost 30 lbs, 10 years prior and then gaining it all back, plus some, I felt discouraged and insecure about my ability to “stick to it”.  I have learned that I am an “all or nothing thinker”, and this can get me into trouble with my health and fitness.  “I mess up and have that ice cream, or that bag of chips, and I might as well give up on everything because I will never accomplish my goals.
In the fall, I joined my Sister-in-Law in having Tanja train us on a regular basis.  Having a partner to work out with and having the expertise and accountability of meeting with Tanja was another step forward in my journey and I knew that these new changes were exactly what I needed.  In November, I decided to join the Small Group setting at Ascend to keep the ball rolling and keep myself committed to my goals of getting “fit and fabulous” before my 40th birthday this September 2013.  Instead of dreading turning 40, I want to embrace it and open up a new chapter in my life.
A beautiful surprise happened in my family’s life just recently.  We just found out that we are expecting our third child at the end of November.  After struggling with infertility for years after our second child was born, I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. We call this baby, our miracle baby and feel so blessed to be having another child joining our family.
I have lost 25 lbs so far since beginning my journey, and have some more to go, but this will have to be put on hold for now.  After all, I am growing a baby inside of me. 🙂 Joining Ascend was one of the best things I have done for myself.  I have felt empowered and so encouraged by all the trainers that I have worked with, and have found a great support in those also on their journeys to health.  I know that I am stronger and I love seeing the changes in my body and the way my clothes have been fitting better.
I am proud of my accomplishments thus far, and proud of myself and thankful that I can continue my journey of remaining healthy during my pregnancy.  My goal is to have a stronger body with this pregnancy and to make the recovery after having the baby much easier.  I look forward to joining stroller boot camp as well after baby comes.
I am strong and healthy and am making positive life changes.  Change takes time, patience and kindness with yourself.  The journey to health is more than just making physical changes; it’s also about making mental changes and transforming the way I think about myself. Making a commitment to my health no matter what.  I am worth it!
I feel so grateful for the gift of health and am so happy I made the choice to get healthy.  I will continue in my journey for healthy changes both physically and mentally for the rest of my life.  Feeling stronger mentally and physical have improved my self esteem immensely and I am very thankful for this.  Thank you to Ascend for being part of my journey and all your support along the way.

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