Should we be pursuing weight loss? FVY163


It’s popular to simply say that diets, or weight loss efforts don’t work. You may have also heard that 95% of people who diet or try to lose weight gain it all back or all back plus more.
There’s also a growing community that protests that we should not pursue weight loss at all. Our desire to lose weight is because of society telling us we should look a certain way. At best, the desire to for a flatter midsection and a tighter butt means we are vain. A bit more extreme, the pursuit of weight loss means that we are idealizing thinness, shaming fat bodies, and is the cause of body image issues and eating disorders.(So if you ever felt ashamed for gaining weight, now you can feel shameful for wanting to lose it).
It’s confusing AF out there. I’m struggled to find my way, risking judgement if I say something that could potentially offend someone.
So does this mean we should actually stop pursuing weight loss? Or that our efforts to lose weight are futile? And that since diets don’t work… we should simply stop trying?

Join me in this week’s episode for dive into a NEW perspective on weight loss.

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