Simple, Heathy & Delicious: Spinach and Veggie Salad

Another yummy creation from Rhonda MacPherson- thank you!!!  No one should have an excuses for not eating their 5+ servings of veggies per day 🙂
Spinach & Veggie Salad
Serves 2
3 cups spinach coarse chopped
1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion
1/2 pepper each diced small red, yellow & orange peppers
1 medium tomato – chunked
1/4 cup carrot- diced
1/4 cup cucumber – chunked
1/2 honey crisp apple – chunked
1/4 cup Low fat mozzarella – shredded
l tbsp. Zest ltalian dressing
1/4 tbsp. balsamic Vinaigïette glaze
Fresh cracked pepper
There is enough here for 2 and to make it a meal add grilled chicken breast.

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