Strong Knees For Life

Do aching knees stop you from doing the things you want to do?
If you answered yes or just simply want to know more about our knees, then join us on November 19th at 6:45pm at the Studio for our seminar on Strong Knees for Life!

During this FREE Community Seminar, you’ll learn about

  • What our knees do for us
  • Function anatomy of the knee
  • Common injuries and why they are so common
  • Most importantly: what you can do to prevent or alleviate knee pain!  (Side effects include pain-free physical activity & a perky back side!)

Here’s all you need to know:
When: November 19th at 6:45pm
Where: The Ascend Studio
Who: All members, non-members,  friends and family!
Cost: FREE, but registration is required as space is limited.

Download your FREE 7 Day Plan!

Listen to the Podcast!

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