Tabata Interval & Core Training Workout

I’m not going to lie… this one was tough.  This format of workout is pretty much my favourite.  And we do it at Boot Camp from time to time as well.  It’s tough, relatively quick (there’s quite a bit of rest which is why the video is 45 minutes long), and can be adapted to use any equipment you have… or nothing at all.
This workout I just used a yoga mat, skipping rope, and my simple interval timer.

Here’s the workout:
Warm Up
8 x 20 seconds on/ 10 sec rest Skipping
40 sec of each: Knee to elbow plank & Single leg extensions (3 rounds)
8 x 20 seconds on/ 10 sec rest Burpees
40 sec of each: Side Plank (left side/right side)- 3 rounds
8 x 20 seconds on/ 10 sec rest Squat Jumps
40 sec of each: Cobra/ Bridge (3 rounds)
8 x 20 seconds on/ 10 sec rest Skater Hops
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