Tanja Shaw is a health and fitness coach, While she does have some ‘letters’ after her name – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Kinesiologist, and High Performance Coach – her ability to create a shift in her clients was learned through working with hundreds of men and women, as well as through her personal journey.  

She first started her career as a personal trainer and Kinesiologist in 2004 because she LOVED the science side of fitness and health. She was fascinated by diet plans, workout plans, and ‘hacks’ to transform a person’s body.

She once believed that intense workouts and strict diet plans were the key to good health. With daily weigh-ins, calorie-counting and double workouts, she worked hard to keep herself fit so that she looked how personal trainers were ‘supposed’ to look.

But inside she struggled. She was always in a fight against her body.

So many of the clients she worked with were constantly battling their bodies. Each fight looked different: yo-yo dieting, body shame, punishing exercise routines, roller-coaster weight fluctuations… countless failed attempts and disappointments.

She knew there had to be a better way.

Tanja founded Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle to help Chilliwack men and women eat better, move better, and think better so they can feel amazing. Progress at Ascend isn’t about how many squats or push-ups our clients can do – it’s about how empowered and confident fitness makes our clients feel.

Her goal is to free others from the on-again-off again diet cycle, the quick fixes that get short term results but sacrifice health, the body-shaming, and the one size fits all approach. Ascend Fitness offers a realistic, sustainable, positive approach to health and fitness, and the coaching, support and accountability to make true lifestyle changes.