Tanja's Fit-Gal Drink

I don’t drink a lot- but I sometimes do enjoy a drink or two on the weekends.  What I don’t like , is all the added sugar and calories in most cocktails, or artificial sweeteners in low calorie options.   I don’t want to undo all the effort I put into my workouts with a 400 calorie fruity beverage.  Wine and beer continue to be healthier choices, but come summer, I prefer other options.  Here’s my favourite (boys will enjoy it too 🙂
1 cranberry juice/ cocktail ice cube (of course these are made ahead of time)
1 oz gin (could use vodka too but I like the taste of gin better)
Wedge of lime
2-3 mint leaves, crushed
To make the drink a bit fancier, I sometimes add a few fresh or frozen blueberries and a slice of orange.
Happy training and happy partying 🙂

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