Tanja's Parksville Body Weight BLAST!

I had a wonderful weekend away with my family on Vancouver Island.  After enjoying two much needed days off of exercise, I woke up Sunday morning to do a workout in my hotel room.
Be warned… this is a TOUGH workout.  But, it was short.  Us Ascend Fitness Athletes know we don’t need to spend a ton of time working out to get see-in-the -mirror results!

Here’s the workout:
Warm up: 40 seconds of each exercise at a lower intensity.
Workout: 45 seconds on/ 10 seconds recovery
1. 2 Squat Jacks + 1 Get Down Get Up (aka burpee 🙂
2. Reverse lunge with touch down, kick!, squat and switch sides.
3. Burpee with push-up
4. Single leg reaches (abs)
5. Knee to opposite elbow
6. Funky Bum exercise + Burpee
7. Triceps Push-up + Knee to elbow reach
8. Jump overs
Take a quick water break and repeat for 2-3 rounds.
You are worth it!

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