Tanja's Seattle Hotel Workout 2014

Hey everyone!
I’m enjoying some R & R with Keith (my #1 fan 🙂 in Seattle this weekend.  This morning we started our day with in-room coffee and then a trip to the gym.  I made a short video so you can do this workout on your own (perhaps on your own vacation!).
10 minutes warm up (I did a run on the treadmill with a few random speed bursts)
Timer set for 20 sec on / 5 sec off, 12 rounds.  Alternate between two exercises 20 seconds each, with 5 sec transition time, 6 rounds of each (12 total).  Take a quick water break after each group of 2 exercises and move on to the next!
Group 1: High Knees/ Squat & Press
Group 2: Burpees/ Mid Row
Group 3: Lunges/ Push ups
Group 4: Plank/ Leg Drops

Happy training everyone!

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