The 2 Minute Challenge- Another Snow Day Workout

Hey Hard Core Boot Campers!
Unfortunately Mother Nature wins again.  Schools are closed, parking lots and side roads are unforgiving.  I already helped push one person out of a snow drift today.  Good thing I workout.  Actually, my attempts were in vain- especially once a truck with a tow hook drove by.
So, because YOU ARE WORTH IT, and you are committed to your workouts, I put together a workout you to do at home.  So get into your comfy pants, grab some popcorn and hit play on the video below!  (Kidding… seriously.)

The 2 Minute Challenge:
Set your watch or Simple Interval Timer for 2 minutes.
1. First two minutes: Alternate between 10 push-ups and 10 plank + flies (5 on each side)
2. Second two minutes: Alternate between 5 squats, 5 lunges with right leg leading, 5 lunges with left leg leading. For an extra challenge, ‘jump’ the transition.
3. Third two minutes: Alternate between Single Leg Reaches (abs)- 5 on each leg or 10 altogether, and plank with up and down movement (5 on the left, 5 on the right).
Go through the circuit 3 times. If want an extra challenge, giv’r for a fourth set.  Take up to 20 seconds rest between each 2 minute block.  Take a minute after you complete one circuit to grab some water and put your power song on repeat.

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