The Barrier that's Stopping You from Making Progress (87)

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“Where our FOCUS goes, ENERGY flows” -Tony Robbins
The question is: are you focusing on the right things? I decided to record this podcast because this topic has come up a lot in recent conversations; with clients, friends, and emails from podcast listers and subscribers to Ascend. 
A HUGE focus on barriers. Challenges. Reasons why we’re not reaching our goals. 
“My spouse isn’t supportive”
“I shouldn’t have taken that job… it’s the reason my health fell apart”
“I have company right now, I’ll get back on track next week”
“I don’t like water”
“I hurt my knee”
“I need a meal plan”
All of the above are excuses. And while they can make you feel better about not making progress because now it’s not your fault, they’re not going to help you move in the direction where you want to go. And I get it: I do it, sometimes more than others. And while I can empathize that you do have REAL barriers and challenges to transforming your body and improving your health, focusing on the challenges is not going to help. In this podcast, there may be a bit of ‘tough love’, but my goal is NOT to make you feel better, its to help you DO BETTER and BE BETTER. 
Hope you enjoy 🙂
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