The Power of Belief

Today I want to share a story about the Power of Belief.  In the early 1950s, medical experts warned that it was physically impossible, and potentially extremely dangerous to run sub-four-minute mile.  Doctors reported that the human body could not withstand the strain of such a quick pace.  As evidence, runners trained, raced, and trained some more but were unable to break the 4 minute mark.
In 1954 Roger Bannister, a medical student, did the ‘impossible’ and ran a mile in 3:59.  What’s even more incredible, is that as soon as Bannister broke the barrier, many runners did the same.  In 1955, all 8 runners in a single race finished the mile in under 4 minutes.
While it was not belief alone that allowed the runners to record sub-four-minute times (hard work, dedication, and at that elite level, genetics, was also necessary), their belief system was a large part of their success.  Beliefs control behaviours.

So, what’s your goal?  Do you believe you can?
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