The Sexy All Over Workout

It’s Day 4 or this 30/30 Peak Fitness Challenge- how are you doing with your healthy habits?
The workout below is a great way to blast calories and body fat in record time.  If you don’t look sexy while doing this workout- you will after, especially if you clean up your diet and eat how we recommend at Ascend Fitness- eat small, eat often, and eat plenty of protein, healthy fat and fibre (especially from veggies and fruit).  You work hard- eat to fuel your body!
50 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest.
Try for 3 rounds.
Beginners: Try 40/20 and complete 2 rounds.  Also, perform non-impact version of each exercises (step instead of jump)
1. High Knees
2. Burpee with Push-Up
3. Body Rows (use a vertical bar at the gym, park, home, or improvise with a band or free weights)
4. Bicycle Crunches
5. Lunge Jumps
6. Leg raises (abs)
7. Lateral Lunges with a jump in between
8. Triceps Push-Ups
Remember to record your score in your training journal!

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