Things Felt Different…

Things felt different…

“I felt more peaceful around food. I wasn’t anxious about ‘sticking to a diet’. I made conscious choices and thoroughly enjoyed my indulgences.

Now, instead of searching for the next ‘miracle diet’ or being upset with myself that I had some treats, I’m simply continuing with my journey.”

That was one client’s win throughout the holidays.

And that, my friends, is the difference between a diet and a lifestyle.

⭐️ DECIDING to indulge, versus feeling out of control around food
⭐️ Thoroughly enjoying food and indulgences instead of guilt and shame tainting the experience
⭐️ Simply moving on and making the next best choice instead of letting a few indulgences spiral into days, weeks or more of overeating (or needing to overhaul your life to get back on track).

A healthy relationship with food trumps healthy eating.

-Tanja x

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