Three, Two, One, Then You're Done!

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes,
Today’s workout is one you can do anywhere- outdoors or on a treadmill, walking or running or other cardio machine.  I prefer to get outdoors as much as I can.
I started doing this workout in high school- it was one of the workouts when training for cross country.  I do it often, and never get bored of it.  I like it because it’s quick, and extremely effective.  If you have worked with me one-on-one, chances are you have already done it.
Today I did this workout on Dallas Road in Victoria.  I had an added challenge of pushing Jacob, who is now reaching 30 pounds, in his stroller on a slight incline.  But, I, like you, am always up for a challenge!
Warm up:
5 minutes easy (I did an easy run)
3 minutes hard (RPE 7-8)
1 minutes recovery (RPE 3)
2 minutes harder (RPE 8.)
1 minute recovery (RPE 3)
1 minute as hard as you can go! (RPE 9-10)
2 minutes recovery.
Repeat once.
Warm down:
An extra few minutes plus stretching.
If you are doing this workout on the treadmill, you can choose to use the incline to increase the intensity instead of the speed. This is especially effective if you are walking instead of running.

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