Top FIVE episodes of the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast of 2022

Can YOU believe we’re halfway through January 2023 already? As we move forward towards our New Year’s GOALS I thought I’d share some of my top Fit + Vibrant You Podcast Episodes from 2022 that can help INSPIRE you!

Here’s to a year where you WILL have more ENERGY,  CONFIDENCE, and FREEDOM to do what you want without fears or self-doubt holding you back.

Here is the Fit + Vibrant You top 5 downloaded podcasts from 2022:

🎧286: A POWERFUL Mindset Shift to Overcome All or Nothing Thinking
In this EPISODE, I share a POWERFUL mindset shift that will immediately overcome the ‘what’s the point of _____’ excuse.

🎧  293: Save Time in the Kitchen
In this EPISODE I help SIMPLIFY meal prep and planning so that you can save time in the kitchen and get rid of the “what do I eat?” question.

🎧  274: A POWERFUL Mindset Shift to Stay Consistent
Mindset is the way we see the world. It shapes our feelings our experience and our results. Our mindset can be a great asset or a liability.

Join me as I share one POWERFUL mindset shift that will help you:
BE more consistent with your habits and goals makes progress FASTER because you’ll quickly learn and RESET from slip ups instead of letting them derail your efforts to be less stressed, and have more joy and fun along the way

🎧  276: When You Hit a Roadblock in Your Weight Loss Efforts
In this EPISODE I’m going to walk you through a simple 5 step process to overcoming your CHALLENGES. This process works for weight loss challenges, relationship challenges, business challenges, or challenges in ANY arena of your life.

🎧  285: 3 Hormones You Need to Keep in Check to Lose Weight and Feel Good
In this EPISODE I go over 3 hormones you MUST pay attention to if you want to get the body and life you want. We’ll dive into WHY they matter, and most importantly WHAT TO DO to balance hormones so you can get to your happy, healthy body weight AND love the journey.

🎧  283: You Need These Two Things to Be Consistent (Are You Missing These?)
Many women I’ve worked with have tried everything… Juice fasts. Weight watchers. Noom. Sure Slim. Keto. Whole30. They’ve gone through all the diets and workout plans. They’ve tried everything… except CONSISTENCY.
But consistency is not something you have or don’t have. It’s a skill that you learn and practice and get better at.  If you want to get and STAY consistent, this episode is for you.

Is there a topic you would like the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast to talk about? Send me a DM or Email me at _**www.**[email protected]

-Tanja x

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