Turning a dream into reality

One of the biggest challenges people face around change is that they know what they’d like to accomplish but don’t understand the steps to getting there.

We can feel momentary motivation and excitement over the possibility, but often, it’s followed by fear and overwhelm. You see, if you have a big dream or goal, getting there can feel overwhelming and even scary.

Whether it’s losing 100 pounds, the trip of a lifetime, or even just getting yourself off of a medication, the long road is what sets so many people back or off track.

So, here’s the roadmap to follow:


Simply put:

  1. Write down the dream to turn it into a goal.
  2. Break the goal into a step by step process for how to turn the goal to reality (create a plan).
  3. Then, turn the plan into daily or weekly action steps that move you forward and that you can stay accountable to

This is simple but not easy. It requires focus and discipline, but you truly can accomplish any goal you might have in any area of your life.

When Trevor received an invitation from some friends to meet them in Peru and join them for a five day trek in the mountains, he knew he had some work ahead of him. He started asking around for recommendations for a trainer. Some trouble with past injuries had made it difficult to find exercises that he could use to work out on his own. 

A friend recommended Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle and we were able to create a plan with tailored exercises to minimize pain or discomfort from past injuries in Trevor’s shoulder, back and hip, with a focus on core stability, balance, and cardio; the things that would really benefit Trevor while on the trail.  

Trevor made it to Peru and this is what he had to say:

“The trek itself was challenging, hiking up and over three mountains from river     valleys at 1400 meters to passes at 4150 meters and back down again. I was        able to enjoy rather than suffer the physical effort of the climbs and descents. We were rewarded with an afternoon by ourselves at the ruins of Choquequirao, a site similar to Machu Picchu but only accessible by foot via the trail we hiked. The day after the trek we topped it off with another hike of two hours to the summit of  Machu Picchu mountain, with panoramic views of the archaeological site and the  surrounding river valley and mountains.

From Cusco, Peru; with thanks to Tanja and the staff at Ascend Fitness for their part in helping me get here.” 

If you have a big dream or goal like Trevor let us help you make your dream a reality!

Start working towards your goals now with our 30-Day Finish Strong Program and finish 2018 making your dreams come true!

Yours in Health,

Tanja X

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