'Twas the Night Before Christmas….

-By Tanja Shaw
T’was the night before Christmas and I sat watching the telly,
One hand in the chip bowl and the other resting on my belly.
This year for Christmas how I wished from Santa’s sack
For a magic weight loss pill and the scale to cut me some slack.
I was always so busy; I certainly wasn’t to blame
For never noticing how chubby I became.
I drank coffee for breakfast (only some sugar, no cream)
Worked through lunch to save calories, that was the theme.
We rarely cooked meals; always driving here and there,
pretty sure our boxed dinners was not healthy fare.
By the end of the day I was exhausted and beat,
With no energy left to sweep my love off her feet.
Don’t get me wrong- it wasn’t always this way.
I used to be active, pretty athletic I’d say.
I played hockey and squash, and was trim I do think,
But now the closest to sport I get is to watch my kids on the ice rink.
Working out was not part of my day,
I never thought I would end up this way.
Sitting in my chair I heard a commotion;
I moved toward the window in fairly slow motion.
I glanced out the window and I was surprised when I saw:
A group of fitness enthusiasts working out with coach Tanja Shaw.
They cheered and gave high-fives and sprinted in sync,
Wearing lime green shirts that said “Ascend Fitness Inc.”
They lunged and jumped and did push-ups on toes or on knees,
And smiled while they powered through sets of Burpees.
How could they be smiling?  Surely exercise is not fun!
Anytime on the treadmill I’d be wishing I were done.
I put on my housecoat and ventured out in the near dark,
To talk to the happy people working out in the park.
One came right up to me and welcomed me in,
“Come work out beside me” she said with a grin.
What’s the secret?  I asked “To your success?”
I’ve tried many times to get fit but have made no progress.
I’m busy with work and a family I adore,
No time for myself, only the others I care for. “
“Everyone is busy” she said, “but who’s keeping score?
I work full time and have a family of four.
My health is important to my loved ones and me,
It gives me energy and spirit, try it you’ll see! “
I’m more patient with my family, and energetic in my day,
I’m happier and stronger; I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I workout with coaches and friends, the key is support,
For long-term success in sticking with this great fitness ‘sport’.
We enjoy workouts and life, no need for perfection
We just always aim to move forward in the right direction.
There is not quick fix, just one step at a time,
Taking time for your health is certainly no crime.
Back to my house, I had a spring in my step,
I put the chips away, and veggies I did prep.
I could do a bit more walking and less in the car,
After all the office was not very far.
I could call up a friend to run around the block,
And on the phone at work I could walk while I talk.
More veggies and fruit, and less processed snacks,
More healthy fats like nuts, and I’d even try flax.
More energy with my kids would be fantastic for all,
And quality time with my wife, not just a text or a call.
This year for Christmas, I decided with glee
The best gift for all would be to take care of me.
Happy Holidays Chilliwack!

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