Everyone is treated like family!

Val shares with us some of the ways Ascend has impacted her health and fitness journey. It’s such an inspiring message. Congratulations Val! We’re so glad you’re part of the Ascend Family!

In the words of Val Monty…
I joined because I had demonstrated to myself that I couldn’t do a fitness program on my own and stick with it and large class scenarios weren’t for me. I needed to commit to my health and get myself on track and was looking for a “personal trainer” kind of approach.

In my time at Ascend, I feel that I have become more confident in my exercise abilities and knowledge and my drive to push myself has increased dramatically. I am more accountable with myself to get to the gym and stick with it. I feel stronger in many ways -physically and mentally. I feel I have good relationships with those who are teaching and guiding me through my programs and they listen to questions or concerns I may have and tweak my programs when necessary. It is a collaborative effort.
I have felt intimidated at other gyms I have gone to in the past. Large classes of everyone doing the same thing was not helping me attain the individual results I was looking for and there was always a question of how much education in fitness the instructors had. Often it was only a 3 month quick fitness instructor course. I felt like one of the herd just following the leader.

Ascend is different. The coaches are all knowledgeable and have education in health and fitness and I trust everything they do with my programs and advice and tips they give. They always switch up the program keeping it new and not boring. They are not just fitness instructors, they have devoted time to their education to health and fitness long term and are skilled in what they do. The atmosphere is one of inclusivity and it doesn’t matter what fitness level a person is at, everyone is treated with respect and their desire to improve their fitness is celebrated. The fact that each person has their own individual program and works at their own level is huge for me.

There is no sense that one person is better than another or any feeling of “competition” between people in a large class or that you have to “keep up” with the group. I was humbled just a few weeks ago though when another client told me that they admired what they saw me doing in my workout….it was strange for me to hear that, but made me realize that maybe I had made progress and maybe seeing my progress inspired someone else to keep going as well. Staff and other clients are fun to be around. There are no pretenses at Ascend, everyone is treated like family.

If someone is looking for a more individualized program designed for their ability with their individual goals in mind, Ascend is it. One on one programs at some gyms can be intimidating…not at Ascend. You are part of a small group, but working individually at the same time. It is a welcoming environment with other programs and social activities always happening. The staff are knowledgeable, encouraging and fun to work with. I enjoy going to the gym for the first time in my life!

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