Walking Challenge

Want a little challenge with YOURSELF this week?

This challenge is all about a little FRIENDLY competition – with yourself.

Your assignment: set a daily step goal that’s a little bit of a reach for you and GET IT DONE.

→ 2,000 steps is about 1 mile depending on your stride length.

If you normally rack up a lot of steps every day, shoot to maintain or maybe even do just a little more

If you’re usually sedentary, aim for 2,500 to 5,000 steps a day and then work on boosting that.

Whatever number you choose, the goal is to GET MOVING and get into the habit of tracking your progress.

A few ways I get in extra steps a day
I walk my son to school (with the pup)

I often forget things upstairs or downstairs- and run to go get it

I take the stairs whenever I can (versus the elevator). Sometimes it’s an adventure to find the stairwell.

I usually do an ‘afternoon energy break’ which is most often a walk

I at least mix up standing with sitting when working and sometimes walking on my treadmill desk

On weekends we go for a hike as a family

I usually don’t park further away- mostly because I just want to get in and get out!

Here are some tips for racking up more steps:

● Take a daily walk around the neighborhood

● Park farther from your destinations

● Walk the dog

● Talk walking meetings

● Use the stairs instead of the elevator

● Walk in place during phone calls and Zoom meetings

● Take up an active hobby like gardening, golf, or tennis

● Get moving on the playground with your kids or grandkids

● Change it up! Throw in some intervals of faster walking during your normal walks!

You can track your steps using a fitness tracker (like Fitbit or Apple Watch) or use the one built right into your smartphone.

Let’s make MOVING a habit! Are you IN?

Share your daily step goal below!


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