Want motivation to get active? Get fit for a cause.

You probably already know that moving your body is good for you. However, sometimes working out just to be fit, or keeping accountable to yourself is not enough to get you to stick to your routine.
For lasting commitment for exercise, many people find it easier to link exercise to a purpose that is beyond themselves. For example, some people keep fit to improve their perforance at work, or to make be a great role model for their kids. Some people commit to a training partner or coach so they are accountable to someone else. Another option to stay inspired is to devote your training hours to get fit for a worthy cause.
Each year there are many opportunities to move your body for a good cause. From 5km walks, to all night relays to cycle trips across the continent, you can find an event to challenge your fitness level and fit into your schedule.
Many events take place right here in the Fraser Valley. Coming up on in just less than a month on September 13th is the Walk for Her: a 2.5 K walk or 5K Fun Run to support Ovarian Cancer . The Terry Fox Run is also approaching, on September 20th.  I’ve put together a 5K learn to run 5K training program for you.  Click on the button below to download and enjoy!!!

Most events, big of small are tied to a charity. While you are busy burning calories and enjoying the fresh spring air, you can feel good knowing that the dollars you raised are supporting a great cause.
If you prefer cycling and like a good glass of wine, you can enjoy both while raising funds for MS in the Fraser Valley Grape Escape, which takes place aach June. If team events are more your style, you can participate in the relay events or team sporting events such as volleyball tournaments.
Training for a fundraising walk, run, wheel or cycle keeps you working toward a goal beyond the desire to fit into your skinny jeans.   For even more motivation, challenge your friends, family or co-workers to join you in the event.
While you are doing something good for yourself (i.e. exercise), why not do something good for others at the same time? Register for an event today, then lace up your runners, head outside and start training!!

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