We Love Burpees: A Workout.

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes,
It’s Monday, which means all three of Ascend Fitness Boot Camps (early morning, stroller and evening) take place.  Today’s workouts were prime examples of the fire and drive that exists within each Boot Camp athlete.  Just when you think you have reached your max, you dig deeper and find a new level of intensity.  I love it. 
Here’s a workout you can do at home, or at the gym.  The trick to these workouts in the Peak Fitness Challenge is to find that fire and drive inside of you, to dig deep and to reach that new level of intensity, just like the athletes in today’s Boot Camp workouts.
At Ascend Fitness, we LOVE burpees.  Okay, maybe we don’t love them, but we love what they do for our bodies.  Who doesn’t love toned shoulders, a strong core, and defined legs?
Burpees are a big part of this workout… if you don’t love them already, you will soon enough!  All you need is yourself, a stop watch, and some sort of equipment to work the upper back.  A mat is optional.  To work the upper back we will do a chin up or row.  If you are doing a row, you can choose do a cable or mid row (at the gym), body row (using a vertical bar) TRX row, dumbbell or barbell row, or tubing row.
Warm up:
5 minutes
25 burpees for time- record your time!
10 rows/ chin ups x 3 sets
1 minute rest.
Complete 4 rounds.
Beginners aim for 2 or 3 rounds. Modify the burpee by stepping back into push-up position and standing up with out the jump.
Simple- and effective!
Push though on this one. You can do it!

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