What if?

Tony Robbins always has an amazing way of putting perspective on things.
One of his concepts that I love is that everything happens FOR you not TO you.
It’s the idea that everything in your life serves a purpose, teaches you a lesson, propels you into growth.
When we find ourselves overweight, in pain, and out of shape, it’s easy to look back and list 100 reasons why.
We had to neglect ourselves because ________________ (fill in the blank).
What if that reason, like being too busy in a job for example, was used to make us more efficient with our time so that you HAVE time to take care of yourself. That busyness is happening FOR you to help you grow.
Is there a situation in your life right now you can look at where perhaps you’ve wondered “why is this happening to me!?” Can you re-frame it to see the purpose it serves?
I’m super curious for you to leave a comment and share your thoughts!
Yours in Health,
Tanja X
P.S. The best excuses are real. I get it. But I don’t want you to put taking care of your health and being your best self on the backburner. If you’re thrilled with where you are at, or your pace of progress, keep going. But if you’re not, let’s chat. Click here to learn more about what we do at Ascend and how we can help. 

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