What will you leave behind?

I can’t quite remember where I heard it, but somewhere I once heard someone say that their deepest desire in life is to not leave an ounce of potential behind when they’re gone.
It made me re-evaluate how I live in each major area of my life – health/fitness, relationships, business, finance, and much more. So often we focus on one area- for many its their career because ‘work pays the bills’ and we also like to focus more on what we’re good at, where we’re successful. If that’s work, you’ll likely put a lot of focus and attention there.
But work is just one area. And the pursuit of reaching potential in all areas of life is a big reason I’m working on my certification to be a High Performance Coach.
It’s important to consider the legacy you will leave behind. How do you want to be remembered?
If you get one body in this lifetime, do you want to give it the best care and the attention that it deserves? Or do you want to neglect it, to take it for granted?
I want you not only to leave an incredible legacy behind in every area of your life, but I also want you to feel the magic of tremendous self-care, much of which happens through fitness and the choices we make regarding our health every single day.
So, tell me, what do you want to be your full legacy? And how, specifically, do you want to care for this amazing human body you have? Are you giving your body the chance to live up to its full potential? I can’t wait to hear your answer! Leave a comment below!
To Your Success,
P.S. If you know you aren’t giving your body a shot at its full potential, please take a few minutes to chat with us. We know we can help you live your best and most fulfilling, most confident life. Just click here or leave a comment so we can get back to you right away. Or, feel free to share this message with someone who needs to hear it! 

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