Whatever the Project, Start Today

Remember this: To make progress, you must actually get started! The key is to take a step today. Whatever the project is, start today.
-Jim Rohn

Whatever you are working on, whatever your goals are: being more organized, getting fit, improving your diet, saving money, start TODAY.

Nothing magical is going to happen when Sunday turns to Monday, today turns to tomorrow, or when things ‘settle down’.

The ‘old you’ may have done that. The ‘old you’ may have waited.

But those old patterns are fading into a distant memory. You don’t do that anymore. You don’t need a blank journal or a clean slate. You are the kind of person who starts TODAY.

The kind of person who chooses imperfect action over procrastination.
Progress over perfection.

Take one small step today.

Because that is WHO YOU ARE.

What’s the one thing you’re doing today to make progress on your goal?

Tanja x

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