With a little help from your friends…

Wow… it was one of those mornings.  3 degrees.  Windy.  Rainy.  But, at 9am we did what we set out to do- walk or run the Rotary Trail.  Thanks to Bruce, Jenn, Helene, Eve, Kari, Anita, Nordina, Bonnie, and of course, Jacob and Red for your commitment.
Part way through the run our perseverance paid off as the rain lightened up.  Half way though things got a bit easier with the wind at our back.
I’m not sure most of us would have ventured out on our own.  But, with a little help from friends, we got a great workout, and enjoyed great company.
Special shout out to Helene who ran a personal best for distance.  Well done!
I posted more photos on the Ascend Fitness Facebook page.  If you have yet to ‘like’ us… get on with it!  We want to be your friend!

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