Women, Guilt & Selfishness

Do any of these sound familiar to you…

  • You are a mother of a couple of energetic kids needing your attention 24/7…
  • You have a full time career, and you balance the household as well as the family checkbook…
  • You are a tireless caregiver to aging parents, a special needs child, or a disabled family member, and…
  • You feel guilty if you take time for yourself to squeeze in a nutrition & exercise program.

Sound about right? If so, then you should know that you are not alone. It’s estimated that 85% of caretakers are women.  And when you consider that 60 million families are caring for an aging or disabled loved one, you can see how feeling guilty over an exercise program is a common trait.

And if it’s not taking care of someone older in your family it’s taking care of the kids!  Sporting events, ballet classes, homework, preparing dinner, the list goes on and on.

And guess what, 99% of the time who do the kids call for when they need something? 

Mom(trust me, I already know this from experience in my house!)

What’s wrong with this?

Well, the cycle can be hard to break. Moms keep putting everyone else’s needs before their own and slowly but surely the pounds creep on and they are heavier than they have ever been.

They can’t fit into their clothes; they are unhappy and just plain not confident in their bodies.

Can you relate?

When you allow your exercise routine to be derailed…when healthy eating isn’t on the menu… and when you don’t sleep well at night due to all the stress… the truth is:

You start to age faster than you should and your health starts to take a major hit.

Unfortunately, your body doesn’t reward you for caring for your loved ones. All it knows is, you are not asking it to remain healthy, vibrant, and energetic.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty and selfish about taking care of yourself.


Well, the fact is, if you are not taking care of yourself FIRST you won’t be around to take care of anyone else.  

It’s not selfish to first take care of yourself, it’s your responsibility. You’ve taken care of others for years.

Now it’s time someone helps you take care of you.

This is where Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle comes in.

The 40-DAY REBOOT is a nutrition, fitness and mindset coaching program designed to help you get back to looking and FEELING your best! The program launches on Tuesday January 15th. Click here for more details and to register now!

Yours in Health,

Tanja X

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