Yoga Night Dance Party

Love to Dance? Love to Sing? Love to sweat and work hard? Can’t wait to release stress and invite vitality? Come to this exhilarating and unique Kundalini inspired yoga class to celebrate and express YOU on Tuesday, December 27 from 5:30 PM – 7 PM!
Kundalini Yoga is a different style of yoga than you may be used to so, forget the slow movements and static poses – It’s time to get interactive, energetic and move your body!
No previous yoga experience is required. With a brief introduction, you will be guided through a series of dynamic movements that may feel silly at the time but will leave you feeling euphoric, thrilled and overjoyed. And hey, don’t worry, everyone else is doing it – we are here to enjoy ourselves and have fun!
What to bring:
Yoga mat
Water bottle
Small pillow, yoga block or towel to sit on (if needed)
Separate towel for sweat (if needed)
Comfortable (light and bright colored if possible) clothing you are ready to move and sweat in
Who can come:
Anyone! You do what you can do. Kids are welcome too but we ask that kids younger than 10 have an adult available to help them through the exercises.
By donation to the Salvation Army. Suggested Donation: $10-$30.


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