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This morning’s performance from Boot Campers was impressive.  Part of the workout  was timed ‘lines’ or ‘suicides’ trading off with a teammate.  We did it for time.  If you know me, you’ll know that whenever I time anything, chances are it will be done again.  And it was.
I would describe the first time through the set of timed ‘lines’ an all out effort.
Nobody was in their target heart rate range of the ‘fat burning zone’.  Hearts were pounding, legs were burning, and calories were burned like they were going out of style.
A few burpees, squat jumps and push-ups later (ok, maybe more than just a few), we repeated the set.
Congratulations to all the Boot Campers at Tuesday morning’s class.  Every single team there beat their first time.  Seriously- I am impressed.  You ROCK!
If you are thinking about trying Boot Camp, I know that your strength- physically and mentally- will improve more than you thought was possible.  It’s not just the workouts, it’s also the team you have to train with.
P.S. Evening and stroller boot campers are superstars too!  More stories to come…

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