You know what to do. THIS will get you to do it.

Have you ever said to yourself …

“I know WHAT I need to do. So WHY can’t I get myself to do it?”

Well … you’re not alone. And it all has to do with your MINDSET.

Because if you KNOW what you need to do … it might just be your mindset getting in the way.

It plays a powerful role in your MOTIVATION, your CHOICES, and even your HAPPINESS.

And being mindful has a lot to do with your mindset.

“Mindfulness” sounds like one of those “woo-woo” terms that can mean pretty much anything you want it to. But science shows it can actually:

• Boost your results with your workouts,
• Make it easier to make healthy food choices,
• Improve your day-to-day feeling of contentment, and even
• Play a role in your long-term health.

And you know what?

For our clients, one of the biggest benefits they tell me about is that they finally stop “going through the motions” of what they think they SHOULD do.

It takes a little practice, but wow is it worth it. They experience a whole new level of fulfillment – and now they actually WANT to stick to their program …

Instead of continuing to yo-yo their way through life.

So what actually IS mindfulness?

In a nutshell, it’s when you’re present and in the driver’s seat for your own life.

Too often we’re in “auto-pilot” mode and let our habits run our life.

It’s the fastest way to stay “stuck” or even go backward.

Here’s one thing you can do today to start:
For one minute, yes, just ONE minute, pay extra attention to being present. You can do this while out for a walk: pay attention to how your feet feel on the ground, the rain on your face. You can do this while doing the dishes: pay attention to the soap on your hands, and the feel of the water.

In other words, mindfulness is simply being aware. When it comes to changing our habits (or our mindset) it’s important because WE can only start to change things once we are aware of them.

If you’re thinking ‘what’s the point of doing just one minute?’. Remind yourself that that thought is not helpful. The one minute of mindfulness is better than the 20-minute meditation you didn’t do.

Reply back and let me know how it goes!

Make it an amazing day,

Tanja x


PS: If you’re ready to get back in the driver’s seat in your own life and to start taking better care of your health, this is what we DO. It’s a lot easier than you think when you have the right people in your corner.

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