Happy New Years!

Happy New Year Chilliwack!  It’s the time of year when people flock to aerobics classes, yoga studios, and weight rooms.  Some strive to become healthier once the clock strikes twelve on New Years Eve (after the buzz from spirits and lethargy from too many caloric hors d’oeuvres wears off), while others hope to undo the damage one month of Christmas parties have done.
To start off the New Years right, I want you to think about smaller goals- 30 days at a time.  Think about one thing you can change, and commit to for the next 30 days.  Please post your personal challenge below.
Here are some tips for success:
1. Focus your energy on one goal.  Avoid spreading yourself too thin by trying to tackle too many life changes.  It is better to do well with one goal than poorly with several different goals.
2. Set specific and realistic goals.  Instead of resolving to be healthier in the new year, determine what being healthier means to you.  If it means eating five vegetables a day, make that your goal.  It might mean exercising three times per week, or keeping a food journal.  Make sure your goal is one that you can realistically achieve.  Losing 60 pounds by the spring may be overambitious, but walking 6 days a week may be doable.
3. Take action now.  How many times have you said you would start dieting or exercising tomorrow?  If you are serious about your goal, start now.  There is no need to wait until the kids are back to school, or you have done a big grocery shop, or you buy a new pair of running shoes, and so on.
4. Get help.  If you have not been successful in the past on your own, get help.  When the help of a motivated friend is not enough, get professional assistance.  A dietician or personal trainer can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
5. Break down your goal.  A large goal such as losing a significant amount of weight can be overwhelming.  Break down big goals into mini goals.  Once you have achieve a smaller goal (such as losing five pounds or being able to run three kilometres) reward your success.  If your goal is weight loss, try to avoid food as a reward.  Instead, go to the movies, or plan an active outing.
6. Don’t expect overnight success.  Achieving your goal may take more time than you would like.  It takes time to create healthy habits.  If you relapse and fall back into some old habits, do not give up.  Missing a week’s worth of exercise is okay, giving up stopping exercise altogether is not.

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