When You're Not Where You Want To Be

Last week I spent the week with a few other fitness business owners in Canmore.  We worked hard… and we also saved some time to play and be active (we are in the fitness industry after all!).  One one of days together, we decided to climb Hi Ling Peak.  Ha Ling is a spectacular hike with fantastic views of  surrounding mountains.  It’s a hike, like most of the hikes in the mountains, of relentless uphill.  And when you think it’s steep, it just gets steeper.  While it was a challenge, I also found myself enjoying the journey.  There was much to see, and we were mostly able to keep a conversation.  As we hiked out of the treeline and onto the bare mountain face, I looked up.  We had so far to go.  The peak looked so far away. 
For a brief moment, I felt defeated and my energy plummeted. I was no longer excited about the hike, and the steps I’d need to take to get there. I thought I was closer than I was. 
Then I looked back and could just see the lake at which we parked our car.  It was tiny.  So far away.  So far below us. We had come so far.
And by taking a moment to look back at what I had already accomplished, and how far I’d already come, any defeat was washed away by a feeling of success, renewed energy and wave of inspiration to keep going.
It’s like health and fitness, and, well, life. You’re not where you want to be.  Maybe you’re on a weight loss journey.  Maybe you’re training for an event.  Maybe you’re simply trying to reclaim you health. Or maybe you want to consistently fuel your body so you feel energized and in control.  And it can extend beyond health and fitness: your career, relationships, or personal development. You want more.  And sometimes where you want to be seems so far away. 
And that can feel defeating. 
Where you want to be may seem far away.  And truthfully, where you want to be may always seem far away, because the human kind is hard wired to keep growing, to keep trying to improve.  It keeps us alive and energized. Goals keep us moving forward.
On the way to reaching your goals, take time to look back at how far you’ve come.  Take note of all the successes, and all the accomplishments along the way.  Give yourself credit for all the positive things you did do. Celebrate. 
And then, ask yourself what’s one thing that you can focus on to move you forward.  Pick one.  We so often get stopped in the overwhelm of having too many things that we ‘should’ do.  Focus on one.
Put it into action:
1. Each morning, pick the one thing that you can do today to move your forward to reaching your goals.
2. At the end of each day, reflect on at least one success for the day. 
And when you get to your goal, the top of the mountain, you’ll look around and realize that there are so many peaks to climb. And your time at the top will simply be a stepping stone to the next peak. 
Enjoy the journey.
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